5 Simple Steps for Experiencing Peace
5 simple steps for experiencing God's peace

Maybe you feel like your life is out of your control or that things are spiralling. Or maybe it’s not that severe—maybe your job is stressful, your kids drive you a little crazy sometimes, or you feel like you’re not doing enough. Whatever your situation, you want to feel more at peace—with yourself, and with […]

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How to Pray Effectively & Feel God’s Presence

I hear a lot of people talk about feeling spiritually dry and distant from God. We do a lot of Christian-y things but they don’t necessarily produce a fruitful relationship with our Creator. We know we “should” feel close to Him. We know in Him there is love, peace, joy and goodness, but get frustrated […]

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4 Simple Ways to Overcome Your Anxiety with God

Text Version: Journal. Identify and list your anxieties, so you’re better able to overcome them. You probably have a lot more weighing you down than you think. Seek Him. One by one, let go of your anxieties and replace them with the infinite love, joy and peace of God’s presence. This can take a couple […]

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How to Be More Confident and Kick Butt in Life

Everyone has limiting beliefs – deeply-held beliefs that limit our effectiveness in life. Mine tends to be that I don’t know enough, which leads to a lack of confidence. This is interesting, because I have a solid list of skills and accomplishments, and I’m well-respected by friends and family. Yet I still have trouble being […]

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How to Hack Your Genes to Better Health with Nutrition
Food and DNA

You’ve probably heard of the plethora of DNA or genetic testing products out there – 23andMe, GenoPalate, Helix, and many more. You’ve also probably heard of epigenetics: how to modify your gene expression with nutrition. While the science behind these genetic nutrition tests are a little shaky right now, the science behind epigenetics and nutrigenomics […]

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