How to Have a Spiritual Awakening (Through Ego Death)
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In my own spiritual awakening, the decisions, beliefs, attitudes and actions of my ego were causing active harm to my life and those around me. My relationships suffered, my finances suffered, I got fired from my job, got evicted from my apartment, etc, etc. Some of you already already know my background. Little by little, […]

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Book Summary of The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick McKeown

Wow, this book was a DOOZIE! I recently just put up a summary on Breath by James Nestor, and The Oxygen Advantage was an incredible journey into the more nitty-gritty science of breathing. Specifically, breathing less. Much less. In other words, you’re probably breathing too much – especially if you suffer from anxiety, stress, poor […]

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How Can We Experience God’s Love?
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If you are having trouble experiencing God’s love, that’s a frustrating thing. I don’t know how many times I used to feel distant from God, or have heard people feeling “spiritually dry”. Good news is, the solution is quite simple. I’ll share what I’ve learned from pursuing and studying the presence of God. What is […]

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How We Can Achieve World Peace
person holding world globe facing mountain

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” The Dalai Lama Yes, I believe world peace is possible. That may sound idealistic or naive, but I believe it is a realistic result. Will it take hard work? Of course. But I believe […]

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Are All Religions the Same?
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Are all religions the same? Yes, at their core. That may not seem possible to you at first because their rituals, deities, symbols and beliefs all seem drastically different. And really, they are drastically different – on the surface. But if you look into the deepest parts of their spiritual practices, you’ll find that they […]

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Miracles: Scientific Fact or Fiction?
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“Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known to us in nature.” St. Augustine Why don’t miracles happen anymore? Do miracles still happen? Are miracles real, and is there scientific evidence for them? Based on the evidence, I believe that miracles are very much real, and […]

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Do All Religions Lead to God?
three men wearing orange tradition clothes

Do all religions lead to the same God? Absolutely. Here you’ll find out the philosophical reasons why, and learn how to use that truth to deepen your relationship with God. I come from a Christian background, so I’ll be coming from that perspective. But I will also touch on other religions and traditions in depth. […]

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The Muse 2 Brain-Sensing Headband: Does It Really Work? 🤔

If you’re here, then you’re probably a meditation nerd like me. I have found that meditation is essential to my life: for making better decisions, being emotionally intelligent, self aware, compassionate toward others, more joyful, happier, and smarter in general. So when I found out about the Muse 2 brain-sensing headband, I was pretty stoked. […]

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What is Nondual Awareness?
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In my studies of mindfulness across many different spiritual traditions, including Christian contemplation, Hindu Vedanta and Yoga, as well as Vipassana, Dzogchen and Zen Buddhist traditions, I discovered the jewel of advanced spirituality – nondual awareness. This higher state of consciousness is at the core of every single spiritual tradition I have studied. This is […]

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