Eyedentity Eyewear

My boss tried on a bunch of glasses at Eyedentity and I was able to turn those photos into something pretty unique, if I do say so.

I removed the background using Canva, then chose a few filters and color combos I liked, and it all started to feel like she went to try on glasses, but ended up getting a photo shoot.

So I used that concept in my copy. 🙂

DBC Rentals

This one was my first go at producing a full video commercial, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

I brainstormed some commercial concepts, and landed on a quirky rundown of DBC’s benefits to their target market: Postgrad students (thus the Adulting is Hard slogan).

I think it’s hilarious.

I did all the directing, editing, animations, and even the voiceover.

And it got a great response, producing all kinds of leads and questions about their apartments.

MayeCreate Design

My boss recorded the video at home during quarantine, and I wrote the copy (and did some color correction on the video).

This was about the 8th iteration I made of the ad, and couldn’t get people to actually take action and download it.

Then I implemented some things I learned from reading the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising by Perry Marshall, et al.


  • Started out with a question to focus on the specific pain point we’re going after (people who need to overhaul their marketing plan)
  • Made a credibility statement to establish trust (we raised almost $1M for 138 nonprofits last year)
  • Overcame their main objection (Even if you’re the only one doing your marketing right now)

And of course, I added video captions because 80% of people on Facebook view videos with the sound off.

And then the ads started working, costing only about $2 per lead.

Restoration Eye Care

I didn’t direct or produce the video (our owner Monica and Bruce at Big Muddy Productions did an amazing job), but I did design and create the video animations using Adobe Premiere, did the video editing, and picked the music (which made my head bob at least).


One of my favorite video animations that I’ve done. CoMoGives is an awesome annual fundraiser we do for local nonprofits, raising over $1.6M for 142 local nonprofits in 2020.

What’s cool is that people can choose multiple nonprofits, up to all 142 if they want, and donate to all of them in a single credit card transaction.

So I thought this was a great way to communicate that.

A simple, inspirational post that did extremely well for CoMoGives.

This was one of our most effective ads in the 2020 campaign, highlighting some of the specific areas where our nonprofits make an impact.

Global First Responder

GFR is one of the coolest clients I get to work with. They go on medical and construction mission trips all over the world – Haiti, Greece, Puerto Rico, and more – in refugee camps, areas affected by natural disasters like hurricanes, or areas that have poor access to medical or construction resources.

This was one of their most popular posts that I made, getting over 2,700 reactions all over the world, in countries like South Africa, Nigeria, the Bahamas, and more.

I was also able to produce over $5K in donations over a 3 month period, and grew their Facebook following by 45% in one year.

Another quote-style post on Instagram:

Boone County Historical Society

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A post shared by Boone History & Culture Center (@boonehistory)

Living in Columbia, Boone County, Missouri (home of the University of Missouri), and running social media for Boone County Historical Society, gave me a really cool glimpse into our county’s history.

Just so happens I was running their social media when the county had its 200th birthday! So I made a video animation using Canva and Adobe Premiere using some interesting historical photos, and wrote up a post about it.

Ended up being our most engaging post on Instagram!

Another fun post I got to make for BCHS during the civil rights movement in 2020. Without being overly political, it was great to be a part of promoting an exhibit that BCHS put on giving marginalized people a louder voice.

The post did extremely well.

Fred Weber

Here’s a fun historical post I made for Fred Weber, Inc, a large construction contractor out of St. Louis. I did a good mix of current company updates and different things, but these historical photos were always a big hit, especially about a highway that many of our followers recognize and drive often. Fred Weber had a great treasure trove of old projects and other history to post about.

Interstate Testing

A couple people in the office, including Monica our owner, said this was a really great example of my copywriting ability.

It was for a client that didn’t have the budget for a lot of social media outreach (so they had a small following), but I do still like it. And this client didn’t have a whole lot of photos or other content to send us, so I got to flex my graphic design muscles a bit with them.

But it really was fun learning about this client’s projects that they worked on. Every month I called them before I wrote a batch of posts, and they usually had some sort of interesting project they couldn’t talk much about.

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