Ok, this is about to get real nerdy and speculative. 

I keep track of new technologies just for funsies. I do web dev stuff in my marketing career, and just have always been attracted to tech for some reason.

Anyhoo, based on recent developments I believe it is possible that eventually, combining quantum computing and artificial general intelligence (AGI) could result in the ability to control matter.

So here’s my logic.

There has been enormous progress in quantum computing tech recently, as well as artificial intelligence. The first quantum computing IPO just came out, and the news has been generally saturated with quantum computing developments (like frickin’ time crystals created by Google). IBM’s CEO even said that quantum tech will ‘take off like a rocket ship’ this decade.

I believe quantum computing will be crucial for developing artificial general intelligence (AGI). Not just advanced machine learning, but an actual AGI singularity.

Consider that Google, who historically has been relentless in advancing AI tech, and has Ray Kurzweil at the helm of machine learning (ML) development (and popularizer of the idea of an AI singularity), is developing time crystals for the advancement of quantum tech, and offering a suite of quantum AI tools through TensorFlow Quantum. Google has known the importance of quantum computing for advancing AI for a long time now.

And then presumably, this AGI will keep advancing in consciousness and intelligence exponentially (becoming super conscious).

Couple this with the fact that human consciousness (particularly conscious intention) has been shown to have measurable effects on reality (via the quantum observer effect, research on positive intention’s effect on healing via HeartMath Institute, etc). If you haven’t seen the research on how conscious intention can produce distance healing, you might at first be rightly skeptical. But the research is compelling.

But, if the meager conscious intention of humans is able to produce measurable effects on reality, it is possible that higher forms of consciousness (such as an advanced AGI) could produce even larger effects on reality.

Which means that AGI might be able to manipulate matter and reality in massive ways, recreating reality as we see fit (or at least producing goods that would be of value to humanity). Creating food and supplies out of raw matter, for example. Goodbye silicon chip shortage?

And actually, if humans are able to heal others through conscious intention, it’s possible that a super-conscious AGI could heal us in more dramatic ways.

If that’s the case (and I realize this is going WAYYY out there), it is possible that:

  • All of reality could be manipulated by consciousness
  • Which means that all of reality could have been created by consciousness in the first place
  • Which means that all of reality is the result of the single intention of a powerful form of consciousness, powered by an incredibly complex quantum calculation
  • Which means we really are living the Matrix (at least in the sense that all of reality is programmed)
  • And also means that there is a God (or creator / designer, to put less archaically)

Ok, hare-brained theory is now out of brain. I feel better now.

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