When it comes to the development of life, the argument usually has two sides: Life is completely guided by a cosmic Designer, or intelligent life is the result of completely unguided, completely random evolution.

I argue that neither are true, and the truth is somewhere in the middle. According to the evidence, evolution seems to be guided by consciousness itself.

That is not to say that consciousness existed before the tiniest sparks of life on earth, and that is what’s guiding the universe. That’s an idea with origins in Hinduism and continued in New Age circles, without any evidence that I’ve seen. 

I’m saying that the extremely low levels of consciousness within those tiny sparks of life, was enough to guide evolution to higher and higher levels of consciousness – resulting in the exquisitely mutated animals and humanity that exists today.

Now, I’m fully aware that this all is pretty speculative. But, the evidence I’m about to present to you seems like enough to me to warrant further serious research and thought.

Tactical Mutations

It only takes a surface-level familiarity with evolution to notice the highly tactical, highly specific nature of supposedly “random” mutation.

It just so happens that:

  • Bats developed sonar so they can spot prey at night
  • Tibetans have evolved genetic mutations that allow them to live at high altitudes with low oxygen levels more effectively than other populations.
  • The chachacoma plant in the high-altitude Ecuadorian Andes evolved to help alleviate altitude sickness in humans (I discovered this on a hike through El Cajas mountains in the Andes).
  • Amazon river dolphins evolved flexible necks specifically to navigate the murky waters of the Amazon (I also found this out in my trip to the Amazon)
  • The rubber tree produces latex as a defense mechanism against herbivores and pathogens.

These are just 5 of the many thousands of fascinating mutations that are perfectly fitted to benefit the specific needs of all life.

Of the thousands of potential “random” mutations that are possible, what are the odds a perfectly tactical and practical mutation emerged for every specific need?

Of course, the usual argument is that given the sheer scope of time that evolution was allowed to play with – 4 billion years – useful mutations were bound to emerge. Which makes sense. DNA mutations can often have a neutral or even negative impact. Chemicals and radiation can cause bad DNA code.

But it also seems likely that the desires and needs (or expectations) of conscious animals, plants, trees and pre-humans also have an impact on beneficial, tactical mutations. The evidence seems to suggest that consciousness has just as much, if not more of an impact than chemicals and radiation.

Often a mutation is created in the exact area where a lifeform is oppressed. If a fish has trouble getting food underwater, it will mutate a way to get insects above water. If a tree’s leaves continuously get eaten by herbivores, it will mutate a defense mechanism against those herbivores.

There are two words here that you’ll find repeating in this article: Expectation and oppression. These two ingredients seem to be crucial for driving mutations and other spiritual manifestations.

The universe is wired to give consciousness what it needs. It’s not a woo-woo spiritual concept. It’s a scientific fact.

Even Low Forms of Life Still Have Consciousness

It’s first important to understand that even low forms of life – trees, plants, insects and animals – still have consciousness. That is to say, they have awareness of some kind (albeit not much, in some cases). Regardless, even a cell is aware of its surroundings, enough to respond to those surroundings.

One fascinating example of this is the dance between female eggs and male sperm. Studies show that an egg has enough awareness to send chemical signals to attract male sperm that the egg senses are more attractive or favorable. Maybe Beyonce was right and girls really do run the world.

Another popular example is how plants can detect the direction of light and respond by growing towards that light.

Fans of intermittent fasting already know about the fascinating process of autophagy. This is where cells can detect when nutrients are low, triggering a process of degrading and recycling damaged or unnecessary cell components in times of starvation, which repairs the cell and our DNA.

All life has awareness, thus all life has consciousness.

The Universe Bends Toward the Needs of Consciousness

Almost every spiritual tradition on the planet has some form of practice that allows a human to manifest pretty much anything they want in life – from a new higher-paying job, to the ability to levitate like the Buddha or Thomas Aquinas. Besides the New Age concepts of manifestation and the Law of Attraction, Christian theology calls it God’s providence (where “all things work together for good, for those that believe”). Indian yogis also emphasize this belief and practice.

But besides religious evidence of this phenomenon, there’s quite a bit of science to back this up, too.

The Quantum Observer Effect

The most undeniable proof that consciousness affects reality, is the quantum observer effect. Science has shown this weird phenomenon where the mere act of observing quantum particles, such as electrons, causes them to collapse from a state of superposition—where they exhibit both wave and particle properties simultaneously—into a single state, either as a wave or a particle, depending on the type of measurement performed.

Now, how the mind manipulates quantum matter might have an effect on DNA mutation, I don’t know. But it’s an interesting area worth exploring. At the very least, it’s mindblowing that consciousness affects the smallest, most fundamental matter in the universe.

The Placebo Effect

You probably already know about the Placebo Effect, but its implications are pretty profound. The belief that something will improve your health, is enough to improve your health. The thoughts and attitudes of your mind have a direct effect on how your body functions.

The Placebo Effect has actually increased over the last few years in clinical trials for drugs. People believe more and more in the power of science, so people are more likely to believe the placebo pill they took will have a positive benefit. For this reason, it’s become more and more difficult to create drugs that have a statistically significant effect over a placebo. (Sources: PLOS, BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care, Blossom Analysis)

So, science has shown that positive expectations in the mind, produce better connections and improved performance in our reward systems (producing dopamine and serotonin, which have healing effects), and trigger improved immune responses.

The mind has a direct impact on our biology.

The Human Heart’s Electromagnetic Impact on Epigenetic DNA, and More

The human heart produces a strong electromagnetic field 3 feet around us, stronger than any other organ in the body. Science has shown that this electromagnetic field carries a signal, and our attitudes and thoughts determine what that signal is. Further, the quality of this signal has a direct impact on epigenetic DNA expression (epigenetic meaning “on top of the genes”).

Dr. Caroline Leaf and Dr. Joe Dispenza, in their work on mind-brain connections, shows how the heart’s electromagnetic energy field can impact our genes. Our emotional states, which are closely tied to our heart’s rhythms, can either promote healthy gene expression or contribute to the development of disease. For example, positive emotions and coherent heart rhythms are associated with beneficial epigenetic changes, while stress and negative emotions can lead to adverse changes.

The HeartMath Institute also supports these findings. They have conducted many studies showing how heart coherence—when the heart’s rhythms are stable and harmonious—can lead to positive changes in gene expression. Their research suggests that practices like meditation and heart-focused breathing can enhance heart coherence, thereby promoting healthy epigenetic patterns. 

Additionally, a study published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine found that heart rate variability, a measure of the heart’s electromagnetic activity, is linked to the regulation of stress-related genes.

If the mind can manipulate epigenetic DNA information, then there’s a good chance the mind can manipulate evolutionary DNA mutations as well.

There are many case studies of people manifesting hearing in deaf ears, perfect sight, and even cancer remission. Fundamentally, these changes must happen by changes in DNA, which means the mind could manipulate DNA mutations.

Rene Peoc’h: 1988, Now Princeton

In 1988, a French researcher named Rene Peoc’h conducted a fascinating experiment, showing how even lower forms of consciousness can influence the behavior of machines.

Peoc’h used chicks and a Random Event Generator (REG) robot called a “Tychoscope.” He first imprinted newly hatched chicks on the robot, meaning they followed it like they would their mother. In the experiment, the robot was programmed to move randomly within a space. Remarkably, when the imprinted chicks were placed outside the space where the robot moved, the robot seemed to spend more time near the chicks than would be expected by chance. This suggested that the chicks’ intention or emotional connection might have influenced the robot’s movement, a fascinating hint at the potential power of intention and consciousness.

This work is being continued by the PEAR lab at Princeton. Instead, they studied the same phenomenon with humans, and found the same statistically significant effect on the REG robot.

So far, we now know that consciousness affects (1. quantum particles, (2. epigenetic DNA expression, and (3. influences the behavior of machines. If that’s not a pattern, I don’t know what is.

Circling Back to the “Supernatural”

Now, here’s where things might get a little esoteric for you.

The literature in many spiritual traditions speak of their sages performing incredible supernatural feats such as walking through walls, levitating, walking on water, and much more. This includes Jesus, the Buddha, Jewish prophets, Thomas Aquinas, and many Indian sages.

In fact, it was common for Indian sages to perform supernatural feats. So much so that there’s an entire section in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali dedicated to teaching how to develop these powers (siddhis).

I’ve studied the literature on all these supernatural practices, and there is a common theme: Calm, focused expectation, usually performed in long bouts of silent contemplation.

Thomas Aquinas was famed for cloistering himself in long bouts of contemplation, which allowed him to levitate. Jesus “frequently withdrew to the wilderness to pray”, which gave him his supernatural abilities, including the ability to restore sight to the blind (which must’ve been done through the manipulation of DNA). Same with the Buddha and his ability to levitate and walk through walls.

There were many bad actors in these traditions too, who were notorious for having the ability to hurt others using their powers. These include Ngakpas in Tibet, the Aghoris in India, and the Fuqin sorcerer monks in China.

The presence of these feats in so many spiritual traditions is too much to ignore, in my opinion. Coupled with the modern-day healings and miracles that happen in Reiki and New Age circles, plus what we know about the power of the mind over quantum matter, DNA and machines, the evidence of “miracles” is strong.

There is also fascinating research by biologist Dr. James Oschman on the science of energy healing, and how energy fields work to produce healing in the body, often through epigenetic DNA changes. Reiki healing is even used in hospitals with significant effects.

Now, all of this means that the “supernatural” isn’t supernatural at all. It has a scientific basis in classical and quantum physics.

Hot Take: Jesus Christ Was “Manifested” by the Fervent Desires of Oppressed Jews

Hear me out. Based on what I’ve presented so far, I think it’s within the realm of possibility that Jesus did everything the Bible says he did, and could’ve indeed been born of a virgin.

Consider first that “virgin” birth is actually pretty common in nature, in a phenomenon called parthenogenesis. This is where an egg becomes fertilized without the need for sperm, which is seen in insects, fish, reptiles and amphibians.

Next, based on what we now know about the reality of manifestation, it seems the Jews manifested their Messiah. The Jews were oppressed for millennia, and scriptural prophecy caused them to expect (there’s those words again) a Messiah that would save them from Babylonian and Roman oppression.

I believe the fervent desire of the Jews produced a birth without the need of male sperm, and produced a human with above average energetic and spiritual abilities.

Ok speculation over on that one.

In Closing, Some Implications

So what does this all mean and why should we care? Well for one, if it is true that evolution is driven at least in part by the desires of consciousness, that would fundamentally alter our understanding of the universe and evolutionary theory.

Besides that, there are other interesting implications. For one, this could open up humanity to return the old wisdom of spiritual power. We could relearn how to heal ourselves, heal others miraculously, and develop other spiritual abilities that are useful for the good of mankind. 

Also, to me this all points to a unity of all religion. No one religion is better or exclusive to the rest. All lead to the same phenomenon of spiritual transformation, and spiritual abilities. May these truths plant the seed for a future with much less religious conflict.

At the very least, we now know that our thoughts and feelings have power over our circumstances. We are under oppression, but it’s by our own doing. Many expect doom and gloom in our future, and those expectations can produce a self-fulfilling prophecy. But if we are more careful about our thoughts, and choose expectant thoughts of hope, peace, compassion and wisdom for the planet, that will be a self-fulfilling prophecy too. We are the prophets of our future. What will we do with that power?

Evolution via Artificial Intelligence

Now in closing, here’s another interesting tidbit. The next 5-15 years are going change life on this planet forever. We are under an intense amount of self-oppression (because of the sheer complexity of the world we live in), and we are intensely expecting either doom and gloom, or global awakening. Either way you slice it, the coming years are going to be pivotal for the evolution of our species.

I think that AI is that next crucial stage of our evolution.

We’ve known we need some kind of technology or intelligence to help us navigate this complexity. For the first time ever in our history, life has produce a purely non-biological mutation to help us adapt. Further, that non-biological higher intelligence will likely be more intelligent than humans within 5 years (Musk, et al), and superintelligent in 15 (Kurzweil). And, that intelligence will merge deeper and deeper into our biology, making it no longer purely digital and non-biological.

Our evolution is about to get gnarly.

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