How to Hack Your Genes to Better Health with Nutrition
Food and DNA

You’ve probably heard of the plethora of DNA or genetic testing products out there – 23andMe, GenoPalate, Helix, and many more. You’ve also probably heard of epigenetics: how to modify your gene expression with nutrition. While the science behind these genetic nutrition tests are a little shaky right now, the science behind epigenetics and nutrigenomics […]

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Top Nutrition and Alternative Medicine Myths, Debunked

During my research into health, nutrition and disease prevention, I came across many “truths” preached by the alternative and conventional medicine fields. Luckily, I’ve learned that you can’t take anything at face value. You have to dig deeper, ask more questions, and get the real truth. And boy have I found some doozies. Let’s get […]

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The 5 Best Ways to Prevent or Fight Cancer

After being diagnosed with cancer in November 2018, I researched like a bat out of hell (where did that saying come from anyway?) to find ways to fight and prevent cancer. I’m now winning that fight. 😉 As a skilled researcher and analyst, I think I’m uniquely equipped to gain some insights into how to […]

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