After hitting rock bottom and losing everything at 23, then battling cancer at 31, I’ve made it my mission to learn wisdom, and spread it to a world that desperately needs it right now.

So, my journey has been a bit of a doozie.

I was raised in the church. I had a dad, uncles, and grandpa who were pastors. As a kid, I remember having a diverse range of religious experiences, from flag-waving, speak-in-tongues pentecostal churches, to megachurches that were run like businesses. While many of those experiences were hurtful to those I love, I was also taught to seek God at an early age.

When I moved out, I rebelled. Little by little, I kept living a more irresponsible life: hanging out with the wrong crowd, and experimenting with drugs, sex, and partying.

Then at 23, I lost everything. My soon-to-be fiancee broke up with me, I got evicted, and almost got my car repo’d. I wasn’t happy with who I’d become, or the results I was getting. My mom told me I “need to learn wisdom”.

Then I rededicated my life to Christ, because that was the only thing I knew at the time that could save me.

But I also dedicated my life to wisdom. I became a hermit and started studying the world’s greatest thinkers: from Greek philosophers like Socrates, to American transcendentalists like Emerson and Thoreau, Stoics like Marcus Aurelius, Eastern spirituality, the Tao Te Ching, Bhagavad Gita, Atheists like Dawkins and Hitchens, and Christian contemplation from Tozer, Packer, Rohr, and Keating.

I even took Christian theology and apologetics courses. I really tried to believe that Jesus was the only way to God, as so many of my family and friends did.

So after a lot of study and questioning, I came to realize that Jesus was NOT the only way to God, and that “God” itself needed redefined.

I now believe that everyone has access to the Divine. Buddhists call it the Source, boundless awareness, or infinite presence. Christians and Hindus define it as God, or infinite love, joy, and peace. There is a strong pattern of the transcendent in all religions and spiritual practices.

And then at 31, I got cancer.

There is a cure for cancer, and it is prevention.

I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2018. The cancer was starting to get so wild, that I also had anemia from blood loss (I was pale as a ghost), and had blood clots throughout the blood vessels surrounding my heart and lungs. I had to get surgery for the tumor, and was in the hospital with my wife for a week.

Yes, it sucked.

I opted to turn down chemo (my doc was pissed), and started an alternative treatment instead, along with “overdosing on nutrition”.

And it worked. I got another scan, and my spots had shrunk to almost nothing. THEN my doc started asking what kind of protocols I was doing!

That started a whole journey of studying nutrition. It’s important y’all. Cancer and most hardcore diseases are largely preventable, with a healthy lifestyle.

Most mainstream medical sites confirm this. The information is not secret.

Proper nutrition is also crucial for our spiritual and emotional health too (just think about how you feel during a meditation or yoga session after eating junk food or drinking alcohol).

Our hospitals and healthcare costs are HUGE (have you noticed?). Part of my mission is to spread awareness about how easy it is to improve our longterm health and stay out of the hospital.

If we learn this, our hospitals WILL shrink, and our healthcare costs will plummet. It’s just economics. As we become healthier, the demand for healthcare goes down, which makes everything cheaper.

Present Day

So now, after 10+ years of study on hundreds of books, and 1,000’s of pages written dissecting the world’s greatest wisdom, I try to spread wisdom to a world that desperately needs it (like I did, and still do).

After much personal failure, I’ve been able to build a successful 10+ career in marketing, working for agencies and companies in St. Louis, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC and more. Now I get to use my research and communication skills for what matters most to me.

So what if world leaders, parents, entrepreneurs, 20-somethings, and the next generation, could live with more wisdom, joy, peace, and love?

  • Our world leaders would make better decisions from a place of deep awareness and compassion
  • Parents would raise their kids to cultivate emotional intelligence, self-awareness, creativity, and open-mindedness
  • Entrepreneurs would treat their employees with more kindness, respect, and empathy
  • We would build more bridges with each other, across religion and politics
  • Future leaders would grow up with a growth mindset, with a complete set of personal development and spiritual tools that make them truly effective and wise leaders

That’s my mission and vision. I want to change the world and help us become better humans. In 100 years, I want to have helped humanity become more enlightened, wise, and compassionate.

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If you are a fellow leader wanting to transform the world, let’s connect. I’d love to partner with you and collaborate on this noble cause.