How to Overcome Anxiety with God

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Identify and list your anxieties, so you’re better able to overcome them.

You probably have a lot more weighing you down than you think.

Seek Him.

One by one, let go of your anxieties and replace them with the infinite love, joy and peace of God’s presence. This can take a couple days to feel progress.


  • Take deep breaths (in for 5, hold, out for 5)
  • List what you’re grateful for – how God’s blessed you and been faithful

Open yourself up.

Think of creative ways to show love to others, and be vulnerable about your anxieties with friends, family or a therapist.

Relax (and have fun!).

Listen to music, take a nice hot long shower, whittle a spoon, crochet, have your own dance party, seek out things that make you laugh.

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