I can get you better results in your business, social enterprise, or non-profit.

You are probably already intimately acquainted with your business’s problems, and even opportunities. You know there are things you can do better, but you also know how far you’ve come. I can help take you further.

My methods are simple. I will make a deep dive analysis of your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and resources.

During analysis, I ask a few essential questions. You can ask them yourself, and get great results - you may have already asked a few of them:

    Who is our customer?

    Where is our customer?

    Who can we partner with, to reach our customers with minimal effort?

    Why are we better than the competition?

    What’s holding our customers back from doing repeat business with us?

    What’s holding our customers back from having a phenomenal experience, and telling others about us?

    At what point in our customers’ experience, are they happiest with us?

    How can we make it easy for customers to tell others about us, at those positive moments?

    How do we best teach and inform customers to make better decisions, through content?

    Which customers are we doing well with? Not so well?

    What geographies are we doing well in? Not so well?

Answers to these questions help me generate product and content ideas. Then I prioritize which ideas will create the biggest impact, then I collaborate with teams to execute the strategy.

So, whether you’re wanting to make your business catch fire worldwide, or keep it small and mighty - I can help.

Here are the phases I would go through, if I worked with you, and the skills I’d use along the way:

1. Analyze
2. Design Better Experiences
Promote Valuable Content
1. Analyze
SQL, Data Modeling in Excel, Customer Segmentation, Analyze Trends, Web Analytics with Google Analytics, Partnerships, Branding, Positioning, Research
2. Innovate Better Experiences
The best way to increase the sale of a product is to improve the product. - David Ogilvy | Develop Better Products and Services, Project Management, Collaboration, Agile Scrum, Design Thinking
3. Promote Valuable Content
Your content will only be as good as your product - Teach and Inform with Digital Content, SEO, A/B Testing, Print Materials, Ad Design, Copywriting, Photoshop, HTML, CSS

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